Wellbeing Consulting & Facilitation

Bespoke Workshops, Motivational Speaking and Curating Events For Corporate Organisations, Groups & Festivals Globally. In addition a published Writer and industry subject matter expert. 

*A current project: creating a fun, healthy event format and meditation curriculum for Schools, NGO's and Colleges.  

Curating Conscious Parties & Dj-ing

As a conscious curator and DJ, Krishna launched Sober Parties at Soho House (Mumbai), India. Which ran successfully for over a year (pre-pandemic). With different themes, immersive music, drum circles and other fun activities including her hypnotic DJ-ing to lift the spirits.


Krishna is an award winning Podcaster, and from the beginning of her media and musical endeavours, she has already presented, Dj-ed and been featured on prestigious radio and media platforms. 

One to One Chakra Checks & Reiki Healing (and accreditation)

Chakra Check Up (consultation, current status and remedial action of the seven main energy centres of the body). The session often provides much deep insights in to the current status and overall wellbeing of the individual and allows a formulated path to improve it further. 

Reiki (Japanese method of
energy healing). Institutionally recognised as a holistic modality, now used in hospitals. To assist in soothing the body and auric field by  with the release of trapped trauma/ and to increase and bring about an overall sense of ease & wellbeing.