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Referred to as a 'Wellness Warrior,' Krishna, amalgamates her corporate coaching and people development skills with her wellbeing expertise in the avatar of an 'Modern Day Yogi'. Equipped and qualified to tailor a range of personal development methods, various yogic/meditation techniques and healing modalities including music and art, that gently guide you to re-connect with yourself in a more authentic way.

A symbiotic creation of east meets west; as a driven Political Science graduate, Krishna spent years working as a UN Youth Ambassador and People Development Advisor in London (her hometown), and was intensively blending Corporate life with Wellness pursuits and later also qualified as an Advanced Yoga/ Meditation facilitator, Motivational Speaker (including TEDx), Energy Healer and Dj.

Krishna is on a mission to demystify wellbeing methods, and has been sharing knowledge through curating workshops, retreats and events worldwide (and online), that are sincerely simplified, accessible and inclusive wellness in a nutshell; to help restore the joy to life and leave individuals feeling empowered and inspired, with a vision of moving closer towards embodying their best self with ease!

Facilitating & Sharing
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Corporate Workshops

  • Introduction to Meditation techniques 

  • Wheel of Life - Coaching Method to Upscale your life

  • The Benefits of Journaling & Scribing 

  • Vision Boarding

  • Mind Mapping 

  • Yoga for Desk-Life

  • Powered by Prana (Developing more energy naturally)

  • Integrated wellbeing - Daily Yogi Tips & Advice 

  • Mandala Making/ Sacred Geometry  Art Therapy

  • **Bespoke workshops created based on the wellbeing needs of Organisations and Employees

Bespoke Group Workshops

  • Empowering Young Women Programmes (from CV building to building self confidence and more) 

  • Breath work (Pranayama) and how to bring in more calm to daily life

  • Chakra Balancing Mudras and Mantras 

  • Chakra Check-up Consultations

  • Energy Healing through Reiki and teaching level 1,2 & 3 (Qualified Reiki Master)

  • Sound/ Om Chanting Healing 

  • Yoga Postures for PCOD
CN Traveler
CN Traveler

Published Article on 'Travel, Dating & Technology'

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SETU Health
SETU Health

Face of Gut Health Supplements by SETU

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Award Winning
Award Winning

Award winning Podcast Press Release. ('Talking Brits in Bom') Cultural exploration and expose in this very fun yet light hearted laughter filled show.

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Grazia Magazine
Grazia Magazine

Fitness Fashion Feature

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International Yoga Day Feat
International Yoga Day Feat

Featured for International Yoga day and asked for top tips/ techniques to help destress (about the future).

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Midday (One of Mumbai's largest newspapers).
Midday (One of Mumbai's largest newspapers).

Featured for producing and presenting two cutting edge Podcasts.

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Official People of India Page
Official People of India Page

Featured on the Official People of India page. (Inspiring People).

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Featured for being an inspiring women. (Single and in thirties list).

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CN Traveller
CN Traveller

What Varanasi taught me about dealing with the lockdown. Timeless wisdom from a timeless city

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I often get asked, "When did this journey start for you"?  My response is "I don’t remember.. (most probably because something that is infinite and eternal doesn’t have a beginning or an end)". 


Thank you for visiting my site and I look forward to journeying together - Krishna

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